The Mind-blowing Spiritual Benefits of Sex

    The Mind-blowing Spiritual Benefits of Sex

    01 Feb 2020

    The Mind-blowing Spiritual Benefits of Sex

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that sex and spirituality are poles apart, but by understanding the link between the two you can open yourself up to better sex. It will also help you please your partner and feel a deeper connection to the world around you.

    Don’t believe us? The relationship between sex and spirituality was underlined by a study at the

    University of Kentucky, which found that women who saw themselves as spiritual had more sex than those who didn’t[1], and those who practiced mindfulness and yoga reported improvements in levels of arousal and desire, as well as better orgasms.. Before you grab your yoga gear, here’s what else you need to know about the two, including how sex can boost your spirituality.

    What is meant by spirituality?

    Spirituality is different for everyone, but it can be described as a person’s connection with the wonder and energy of life, and the urge to explore its meaning. It can take the form of traditional religious ideas, or be based upon other belief systems that aren’t linked to any religion. Prayer, meditation, yoga and mindfulness are all examples of spiritual activities, and spirituality can help us find meaning and purpose in the world.

    History of spirituality and sex

    Throughout history, sex and spirituality have co-existed hand-in-hand. Tantra (an ancient belief system linked to Hinduism and Buddhism) is based on the idea that we can feel closer to divine beings by having sex. And they weren’t the only ones who saw the benefits of sex in terms of spirituality – Aboriginal Australians and Persians had belief systems that were much the same, and a similar type of sexual symbolism was seen in early forms of Islam and Christianity.

    Kabbalah (an ancient way of thinking that originated in Judaism) also sees sex as a spiritual event that represents the male and female elements of God merging together. The age-old Chinese practice of Qigong believes that sexual energy is one of the cornerstones of happiness.


    How can sex benefit you spiritually?

    When we have sex, the way our body feels changes in much the same way it does during meditation – some people even find themselves in a trance-like state as things get close to climax. One of the many benefits of sex is that our perspective and the way we emotionally react to things, changes. The joy and release we experience can make us feel that we’ve been lifted above everyday life and are more connected with ourselves and the world around us. As the author and spiritualist Deepak Chopra puts it: “Sex is a means of escaping our little self or ego. It is many peoples' only experience of meditation”.

    Treating sex as a spiritual activity can transform how it feels; it can help you please your partner and yourself, while giving you a whole new sense of purpose and wellbeing. It provides an escape from the stresses of everyday life and gives you the chance to focus. Life and the world at large can make more sense, and the connection between you as a couple can become much stronger.