Sex in the shower can be a challenge but it’s definitely worth mastering – and why not include a few toys to add to the fun?

Slippery surfaces, water, a rush of blood to the head… What could possibly go wrong? Even thinking of your partner wet and naked can be a huge turn on, so why not make the most of it? The key is to take things slowly and not change positions quickly – avoid falls and injuries!

Lather up

Soapy suds were designed to help you move your hands smoothly over your body – and your partner’s! OK, the initial reason was to help you get clean, but it’s much more fun to use that lubrication both to explore your own body (and theirs) and put on a show for your partner. Better still, make them watch and wait – it’ll drive them wild with excitement.

Positions to try

This all depends on your shower and whether you have access to the bath, too. If your shower is positioned over the bath, then make the most of those useful hard surfaces by both bending over the side of the tub (from the outside of the bath, with towels beneath you will be the easiest and most convenient way). Or put one foot up on the edge of the bath or get him to hold your leg, as you bend forward, supporting yourself on the wall. Tell him to hold your hips so that he can pull you towards him for deeper penetration. Another idea is to stand facing each other and get him to hook one leg of yours around him as he enters you, remembering to wedge yourself securely against the wall. Standing doggy style is one more good position for shower sex – the walls of the shower can give you plenty of leverage to lean on as he thrusts from behind.

If your shower attachment is detachable, you’re in for extra fun. Try getting down on all fours, or on your knees, then ask your man to run the showerhead all over your back and buttocks. While he’s washing you down, you're in the perfect position to give him a bit of extra oral attention. And why not try spraying water on your clitoris and nipples for a thrill? You can always turn the shower to cold when you’re finished to cool things down…

Games to play

Shower sex can be kind of silly as well as passionate. There’s lots of passion and also a lot of laughter. And working out the logistics can make it feel a little experimental too. So adding in sex toys makes real sense. Make sure they’re waterproof

(Especially the vibrating kind!) And just see where things take you.