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Durex Massage Soothing 2 in 1

200 ml


  • Designed to speed her up
  • Transparent natural rubber latex condom
  • Easy on shaped and teat ended
  • Dosed with extra Desirex gel


Durex Massage 2 in 1 Aloe Vera is a gentle dual-action massage gel and lube. It’s designed to warm up all areas of the body, before and during experience. Used alone or with condoms, it’s safe and gentle for sensitive skins and all kinds of experience. Relax, go with the flow and enjoy a sensual massage or sexual experience.

It’s good to be in the know, so make sure you read the instructions info inside.

Storage Instructions

  • Store below 30C
GENTLE, NON-GREASY FORMULAour massage 2 in 1 is a soothing formula that gently puts you in the mood, then easily washes off, after use.
CONDOM FRIENDLYyou can use Durex massage 2 in 1 as a lube with condoms, for all kinds of experience
NO ADDED FRAGRANCESsafe for use with super sensitive skins.
SILKY SMOOTH AND GENTLEyou can use Durex massage 2 in 1 aloe vera on all areas of the body.