It’s almost taken for granted that every man knows how to put a condom on. Everyone at some point has to do it for the first time though, whether on themselves, or their partner. And it can be quite tricky if you’re not used to it. Of course, it’s best to practice before you put your faith in them to protect you from both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Durex condoms are designed for easy use (using extra safe condoms could be best). We’ve compiled the basics to putting on a condom below.

The four stages

  • Open the condom pack carefully on one side to ensure that you don’t tear the condom.
  • Make sure the condom is the right way around before you place it on (the rolled outer edge should face up, but always slightly unroll it to make sure).
  • When you place it on the penis, squeeze the air out of the tip with the fingers of one hand, and unravel downwards toward the base with the other hand. Clip your fingernails short so that you don’t tear the condom while getting it on. There, the condom should be on safely.
  • Once finished, hold the condom at the base as you withdraw, then you can knot it before binning it.

Fairly simple, yes? And our condom packets come with extra directions which should help clear up any questions you may have. However, we all know that putting a condom on might not go so smoothly, and so here are a few commonly-asked questions that we think are important for you to know about.

What happens if the condom tears?

If a condom tears, you must not use it. They’re designed to be protective, and if the seal gives way at any point it is no longer safe to use. During sex, if the condom feels like it has given way, at once. Afterwards, see a pharmacist about purchasing emergency contraception if you have concerns, and visit an STI clinic if you are with a new partner.

Can you put a condom back on?

You should never use the same condom more than once.

Is spermicide essential?

One important component of condoms is spermicide, a chemical that kills sperm. Some Durex condoms such as the extra safe contain spermicidal lubricant. Still, for many, the condom is enough, but if you’re worried about causing an unwanted pregnancy, you should choose condoms with spermicide.