Every woman feels insecure about something, no matter how confident she may seem. Here are some of the most common concerns.

Common female insecurities

Breast size: 

Too small? Too big? Not symmetrical enough? TV, films and magazines tend to feature big-boobed 'perfect' breasted women but most women don't have boobs like that. Being confident about your body is far sexier than aiming for the plastic-fantastic ideal. Rest assured that a guy is more likely to be thinking 'way-hey, boobs', than judging you harshly. If you love your body, other people will too. Just make sure you have a correctly fitting bra to ensure your boobs get the support they need.

Body issues:

The media pushes a stereotype of female beauty: slim, without lumps and bumps, no cellulite and – frequently – an unhealthily small body size. However, a real woman who's happy with herself will be far more attractive than someone who's 'flawless' but obsessed with perfection. Accept yourself for the way you are. Being healthy is great, but you don't need to look like a glamour model to be attractive.


Many women worry about being skilled enough in bed. While it's good to hone your manual and oral skills (remembering to keep it safe) sex is a two-way process. Communicate with your partner, and share what you like: it can be hard to come, particularly if you're nervous, so don't feel guilty if it takes some effort. If your man has a hard time getting it up or comes too quickly, don't blame yourself. Men get insecure too, and that can affect sex. Don't make a big deal out of it and the problem is a lot more likely to go away. However, if it's a persistent issue, encourage your man to go to the doctor to make sure nothing's wrong.

Being healthy is great but you don't need to look like a celeb to be attractive.