There are, across the world, approximately 2.4 billion men in the peak of sexual activity. That’s 2.4 billion penises – each one a different size and roughly the same shape. This variation means that not every condom is going to fit every penis. This isn’t a problem, it just means that you need to find the right one for you. There are some easy ways to tell if the condom doesn’t fit as well as it could. It’s very important to ensure that the condom is the correct fit because if it is too loose it will come off during the act. It also won’t be as effective at preventing pregnancy and STD transmission. If the condom is too tight it can split, cause loss of sensation, or even result in tissue damage. Here are the most common problems encountered with condom size.

The condom is too tight:

Although condoms are designed to stretch, if it has to stretch too much then this force is reciprocated back into the penis. It prevents blood flow and can cause loss of feeling or even lack of erection. A condom should feel snug, not tight.


The condom is too loose:

If the condom is too wide, it can slip off during sex, removing the protection it provides. Also, if it doesn’t fit snugly then some of the friction of sex will be lost on the excess condom, meaning less feeling and less enjoyment.

The condom is too short:

If the condom is too short when fully unrolled then the user could be at an increased risk of pregnancy and STIs. This is because if the end of the condom is too far up the shaft, then it is could be pulled off during sex. The condom could also tear, especially when combined with an above average girth.

The condom is too long:

To allow for a range of penis lengths, most standard condoms are a couple of inches longer than the average penis size. The condom being too long is not usually a problem, as the excess should stay rolled at the base, but for people with above average penis width this can be uncomfortable, as this thicker rolled base has a higher level of tension than usual.

As there is a solution for every problem, these factors shouldn’t affect your ability to have great sex. The most important thing is to find the condom that is the right size for you; take a look at the lengths and widths available and try a few out to see which the best option is for you. It is incredibly important to stop and change your condom if it slips off, splits or tears during sex so that both of you are protected. You can visit the pharmacist for emergency contraception if intercourse takes place without a condom. If you’re new to the world of condoms, or consider yourself inexperienced, it can always be useful to take a look at our guide for how to put on a condom. This will help you make sure that you’re safe and getting the most out of your condom. Plus it will leave you free to enjoy great sex with Durex.