So, you have created the perfect atmosphere; the chemistry is electrifying, and the enthusiasm is mutual. But sometimes, the slow and sensual build-up can be as, if not more, enjoyable than the main sexual activities. From the passion, anticipation, and wild moments as you undress each other, foreplay can take center stage.

The sexiest thing is doing what feels right for you and your partner. Here are 7 good foreplay tips to help you embark on this journey to discover what suits and works best for you. 

1. The head massage 

After a tiring workday, help your partner unwind and relieve his stress with a sensual and relaxing head massage — not to be confused with an erotic massage, but save that for later :). 

The scalp holds various stimulated and sexual touchpoints that you can activate fairly easily using a gentle circular motion. Once you are done with the scalp, move down to the neck and shoulders, gently rubbing and feeling their body and setting the stage for further intimacy by reaching the trouser department, which is when the fun begins! 

To increase the pleasure even further, add a tingling massage 2-in-1 gel and watch him squirm.

2. Caress their thigh sensually

Sensual pleasure isn’t confined to just the scalp; and it’s all about building anticipation for what’s ahead. Initiating foreplay by delicately caressing or softly holding their thigh can heighten this sense of anticipation.

Don't hesitate to add a teasing element as you explore his reactions while using your fingertips to trace up his leg and pause just before reaching the peak. 

Nothing turns a guy on more than being teased while knowing he can not have you then and there. Remember, less is more! 

3. Undress with your eyes

Apart from using erotic material for sensual intimacy, the human eyes can also provide greater sexual tension, anticipation, and passion for the moment. 

During foreplay, you can also apply the same eye contact technique you used during the sex to enhance the erotic and intimate element. Start by engaging in eye contact, slowly letting your gaze travel down his body, leaning in closer. 

If he’s dressed, then proceed to undress him mentally with your eyes and return your gaze to meet theirs. This moment lets you intensify the connection as your hands explore their erogenous zones.

4. The strip tease 

Another way to spice up your foreplay involves doing a strip tease. Regardless of whether the music is playing or not, the idea of undressing in front of someone who is already turned on by just being near you makes it more sensual, intimate, and hot for you both. There’s no manual for this, so just do what makes you comfortable. 

Start by having your partner seated or lying on a chair, table, bed, or anywhere you like. As you initiate the stripping process, maintain some distance and slowly remove the clothes,  gradually closing the gap between you and your partner, allowing the energy to shift naturally.

5. Explore self-pleasure 

Another way to heat your foreplay is by indulging in mutual self-pleasure. Now, we understand that masturbating in front of your partner (especially if it's a new experience) can be very intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Just relax, go at your own pace, and ensure open communication.  

Start with gentle caresses on your body, perhaps with the nipples. Gradually, let your hands do the talking by moving them southward. If you wish to take it up a notch, after mutual consent, guide your partner’s hand between your legs, encouraging them to explore. 

To heighten the pleasure, consider incorporating Durex Maxima Lube, designed to elevate her experience.

6. Sex toys

For roleplay veterans or newcomers, integrating sex toys can be a fantastic way to introduce excitement into the bedroom. With a wide array of options, from vibrators to dildos and anal toys, it's simple to find something that caters to both partners' desires. 

Including sex toys in role-play scenarios can even help bring your fantasies to life. For instance, if a woman wishes to portray a male authority figure, using a toy can add realism to the fantasy.

7. Talk dirty

Our last suggestion involves engaging in a conversation – or dirty talk, to be precise. You can include this technique whenever you feel the moment is appropriate. 

While playfully teasing the various parts of the face, seize the opportunity to whisper affectionate (or steamy) words into their ear. Rest assured, your whispered words don't have to be explicit or vulgar.

Just express your true desire or convey your admiration for how they make you feel, you can quicken their heartbeat and sexual tension. Incorporating sensual dialogue can significantly heighten the sexual tension.