It is often debated whether any other species on the planet feels pleasure during sex the way that humans do. As we became more social, and our societies more complex, it’s likely we evolved this response to ensure that there remained an incentive for reproduction, despite all the distractions society offered. As a result, sexual response can be triggered by a host of things outside of sexual contact, such as suggestion, visual stimuli, and touch. So we can thank evolution for our better sex!

In order to allow your partner to explore the full range of her sexual experience, it’s important to utilise these extra-sexual sensations. This means that you must learn about her erogenous zones.

We hope you’ve worked out the obvious ones for yourself, but there are some which you might not have expected. We’ve put together this list of some (but by no means all) of these zones, with some information on why they’re so important, as well as some tips on how to use them to drive her wild. No matter how well you think you know your partner, you should never stop exploring each other’s bodies. And it helps to have a map.


Do we need to explain this one? The centre of sexual pleasure in women contains a massive concentration of nerve endings. When stimulated correctly, these can have her in raptures.


The anus also has a large amount of nerve endings that make it, and the surrounding area very sensitive. If she likes or wants to explore anal sex then start with a well lubricated finger and work your way up. If she’s not into this, a hand resting on the area can stimulate these nerve endings, and the taboo of it can bring you both excitement.


Another obvious one, but we’ll remind you here that these are super sensitive - not to get you to give them more attention, but to ensure that you’re careful with them! in small doses, but if you treat them like you’re trying to tune a radio then the soreness can last long after the glow fades. Being gentle with the nipples is important – don’t go at them like you have a point to prove.


We’re talking about the ones on her face here, so eyes up front please. These are extremely sensitive to touch and temperature sensations, so take your time over your kisses. Linger just out of contact until you both can’t handle it anymore. Lick, suck and nibble when you’re in the heat of it to stimulate all of those nerve endings.

And some you might not have guessed…


The thighs are a hot bed of nerves, containing all those that travel through to the lower legs and feet. The inner thighs are very sensitive and can be stimulated with light touch and just being so close to the vulva can provide a thrill in itself. When the time for light touch is over, you can work into the muscle deeper with your fingers to fire off the nerves.

Behind ears

The ears are very sensitive, and the psychological effects of simply breathing softly in or near them can be enough to tip her over the edge. The area just behind them is also particularly sensitive, so hold her head so your thumb rests just behind her ear to rub this area, which also puts you in the position of protector.


When heading somewhere, we can often focus on the destination and forget to pay attention to the journey. In between the vagina and the anus lies the perineum, a very sensitive patch that covers the perineal sponge, which is a mass of erectile tissue just like the clitoris. This is also known as the PS-Spot and can be stimulated from the outside by pushing up onto it gently for mind-blowingly better sex.

Lower back

It is here that the spinal cord, the nervous system’s central hub, branches off into the nerves that serve the legs and sexual organs. The skin itself is very sensitive, ticklish even, and can be very arousing. If you apply some firm pressure here it can sent jolts of pleasure throughout her body.