Whether you are dating for the first time or in a committed relationship, foreplay is often overlooked. But, when done right, the foreplay — which serves as the buildup to sex can be just as good as or sometimes even better than the main event! 

We sought advice from professionals on how to foreplay, helping you and your partner relax, maintain interest, and get in the mood. Here are the 8 foreplay tips and ideas that will guarantee a more satisfying sexual encounter.  

1. Head massage

Just a handful of things are better than giving someone special a head message to relieve them of all the stress after a hectic workday. The scalp possesses several sexual stimulation spots that, when engaged, release “oxytocin”— a hormone that is both calming and stimulating. 

Once you have finished the erotic massage of their scalp, it's time to move on to their shoulders and kiss them gently on the neck and upper back. 

2. Thigh rub

Being caressed by your partner in public is one of the most seductive things you can do to pique their interest. Knowing that you won’t be able to embrace each other till later helps turn you guys on. After all, we all want what we can’t get, right?  

When out in public, slide your fingers up towards your partner’s most private parts or massage their thigh with firm movements. Enjoy the excitement building as you leave them wanting more! 

3. Eye contact

Maintaining eye contact with your partner during sex and foreplay can be very sensual, but it is often the most neglected aspect of the experience.  

The next time you go for a kiss on your love, consider locking in a gaze while you move your hands down and start to touch them. Additionally, you can also use the same technique during oral sex to make it more intense. 

4. Touch yourself

Although it might seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be that way. The next time things get heated between you and your partner, touch yourself while kissing your partner to show them how much you like touching yourself.  

To enhance sensual stimulation and experience, consider using some Durex lubricants/gels and put your partner’s hand over you so that they can feel what you are doing to heat things, but make it clear that you are in charge!   

5. Lobe licks

Ears are considered erogenous zones and contain hundreds of nerve endings, so while this one might seem a little weird to some, it will feel amazing to others. 

Start with kissing your partner’s lips, blog lightly on their lobes as your mouth passes over their ears, then nibble, suck, or lick them tenderly. Repeat the same steps for the other ear. 

6. Dirty talk 

While licking your partner’s ear lobes, utilize this opportunity and whisper some dirty jokes into your partner’s ear. That’s right! Talk dirty to turn your partner on. 

It is completely natural to say something unexpected. Just be natural and tell them what comes naturally. Talking about sexually provocative things can dramatically intensify the tension before you even start foreplay and heighten the intensity during the actual intercourse.

7. Be a tease

Lay on your backs and engage in a game of “getting warmer.” Touch various body parts, such as knees, forehead, neck, and other erogenous areas, with your hands and tongue. 

While moving around, don’t forget to ask about your partner’s comfort level with the heat. Keep going until they give up, at which point they should switch roles. 

8. All day event

There’s no hard and fast rule to restrict foreplay just to the bedroom. You can begin the fireplay long before the big event, whether through flirtatious text messages or sneaky kisses during the errands. Make fun of each other all day long to get more heat.