Most couples only have sex in three different sex positions, which can sometimes lead to getting in a rut.

Change location

The first thing to change to make sex feel a little more exciting is the location. If you and your partner both enjoy missionary style, even this position can feel a lot more adventurous if you’re doing it on the kitchen table.

And you don’t have to stop at the kitchen table. Many other different furniture pieces can help to put your bodies in different sex positions, helping you to hit different hot spots around your body.

Use pillows

Using a pillow during intercourse can help to make sex very fun. If you like to have sex in the bedroom, a pillow is an easy-to-reach object that can expand your sexual horizons. Not only will you have the comfiest seat in the house, but the sexiest too.

Place a pillow or two under the woman’s hips or buttocks during missionary-style sex to deepen penetration. This helps her to feel comfortable and to reach a climax as the male can penetrate deeper. You can also place a pillow underneath her chest during doggie style sex to give her more stability to push back from. Or, you could even use them under the man’s hips during sex when the woman is on top to help him aim for the G-spot.

Use a prop

Props come in many forms, but you can find items in your house that can help bring your usual intercourse to a passionate night of love-making. Plug in a fan and aim it at the both of you during sex, the cold air hitting your hot skin will send shivering sensations up both your bodies.

For sex in the shower, you can use the shower curtain rod as a prop to hold you both up. But, be careful, you don’t want to put too much pressure on the rod as it may fall and cause injury!

Take a look in the mirror

Using a mirror during sex is a very sexy way of heating things up in the bedroom. No matter what the position, being able to look each other, and yourself in the eye while you get it on can be hot. And of course, you can tailor the position to give yourselves the most graphic view.

Stand in front of the mirror and undress each other. The male can then stand facing the mirror as his partner gives him a blowjob that blows his mind. This gives him a view that he would normally only dream of.

Looking at yourself naked can sometimes be a little daunting, but it can do wonders for your self-confidence! Even if you are not planning on having sex, look in the mirror and tell yourself all the things that you like about yourself, and what your partner likes to. This in itself can boost your sexual experiences if you are feeling more confident in yourself.

Get wet with lube

Mixing it up in the bedroom can be as easy as using lube to get wetter. For women, there is no greater satisfaction during sex than when it is comfortable and genuinely enjoyable. For the most part, women are still having sex that isn’t fun or comfortable for them. But, why should they suffer? At Durex, we think all ladies should lube up to have better sexual experiences.

If you or your partner is suffering with vaginal dryness, lube can help to make things feel better for the both of you.

To make things extra saucy, you can use our massage gels and lubes on your partner’s body and provide a sensual massage experience. Or you can use the Durex Naturals Intimate gel to help you or your partner get super wet by applying to the penis or vagina.

Blindfold each other

Being unable to see what’s coming next can add a sexy thrill for the blindfolded partner. Take it in turns so you can both experience the different sensation. You can use a real blindfold or even clothing that you have lying around to blindfold each other.

If you’re both blindfolded at the same time this can cause some serious excitement as you lightly touch each other’s bodies and find your way around the bedroom.

Play with a cock ring

A cock ring can keep a man’s erection stronger for longer and can help the woman reach climax more easily if she enjoys the vibrating sensation.

Cock rings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We have a range of cock rings online that will help unleash your inner little devil.

Use mutual climax condoms

The Durex Mutual Climax condoms are designed to slow him down and speed her up. With a ribbed finish to stimulate her during intercourse and delay lubricant to ensure he lasts a little longer, introducing these condoms to the bedroom will surely help to mix things up.

Explore with a vibrator

And if you are after something that will make your worlds collide, using a vibrator can help bring both of you to an unreal climax like never before. This is particularly easy in doggie style sex and can help make it much easier for the woman to climax in that position when using a small bullet vibrator such as the Durex Intense Delight Bullet Vibrator.

So, there you have our top tips for mixing it up in the bedroom. There’s nothing wrong with performing the same sexual positions time and time again, but it certainly is fun to heat things up by adding sex toys, using lube or even pillows to help intensify your sexual experiences.

Experiment with different rhythms to see which works for you.